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Therapy testimonials

I feel grateful to have been paired up with Sarah as my counselor. She listened to my issues with care and understanding, and was quick to sense meaning behind my words. The guidance and support she offered was always timely and right on track. I would feel comfortable and confident recommending Sarah as a counselor either through BetterHelp or any other avenue.

Written by B.O on 05/02/16 

Sarah is a wonderful analyst, insightful, loving, and finely attuned and completely appropriate with all of her suggestions and observations. She is honest and present with me, and I find her skilled and greatly helps me work on the next step all along our way so far. I am very grateful for her keen abilities and compassion with identifying the areas in my situation that are ready for growth and evolution personally and also spiritually within myself and my relationships.

Written by R.O on 11/10/15

I really enjoy Sarah’s services. She helps me to look at things from different perspectives and is very attentive to my feelings. Together we work together to overcome obstacles. I would highly recommend her to anyone else. 

Written by K.A on 06/28/15 

Sarah is awesome. She is patient and responsive, and always takes the time to make sure we are addressing the issues I feel are important. I couldn’t have asked for a better counselor!

Written by M.I on 03/01/16

Laughter is holier than piety, freedom is sweeter than fame, and in the end it’s love and love alone that really matters. 

Tom Robbins