Sarah Pole LCSW - Funeral Celebrant in Spain

Funeral Celebrancy

When someone passes away, it is a painful time for family and friends.  There are additional challenges if you are living in Spain because the funeral customs are different to those in other countries.

Typically in Spain, the funeral service is held within 24 hours of the death of the loved one.  This service is fairly brief and centered around bible readings and prayers.  There are then prayers held at mass the following week.

But if you are looking for a more personal service this is where I can help.  My role would be to create an event that celebrates their life while allowing family and friends to express their feelings and say goodbye in their own unique way.  When loved ones engage in this process, funerals can be a very healing and uplifting experience that can help tremendously in the process of recovering after a loss.

I can provide options for poems or prayers if you wish to speak at the funeral and I would encourage family, friends and even children to be involved where possible.

I am available for either a funeral service, or a blessing service at a later date.  A blessing service can be done at your house, at a local venue, or in a natural setting like the mountains or the beach.   I also have contacts that will work with funeral directors and help you with administrative tasks if this is needed.

My fee is 150€ and I’m happy to talk or Skype to discuss your needs before booking.

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