Sarah Pole LCSW - English Speaking Therapist in Spain


Counseling should always start with listening and creating an honest and authentic relationship.  There are many tools available to speed up the process of healing and when done in collaboration with you, this can make therapy quicker, safer and more effective.

My orientation is towards attachment and emotion focused therapy.  While we can change thoughts and behaviors (CBT and solution based therapies), real transformation often requires acknowledging emotions, or memories or parts of ourselves that we try to hide. When we do this within the container of a genuine and supportive relationship, radical and real change can happen.

Joseph Campbell calls this process ‘the hero’s journey’ and suggests that in real life, as in stories, each person has to go on journey out of their comfort zone and in the direction they least want to go.  It then requires slaying some dragons (sadly metaphorical these days).  At the end of all this hard work there are rewards for having accomplished something meaningful.

People enter therapy for different reasons but the rewards I have seen in working with clients include: deeper and richer relationships, a clearer sense of who you are and what you want, less debilitating anxiety and anger, and more self acceptance.  All of this IS possible, with some work and some help.


Trauma and healing

My specialty is trauma-focused treatment, which is led by an understanding that much of our pain is related to events in our past.  Modern trauma treatment is an active process so rather than engage in talking about painful past events (which for many reasons can be re-traumatizing) much treatment will involve working with your body and nervous system to build resilience (e.g strength and positive feelings) and process traumatic memories in a safe and effective way

There are a wide variety of techniques for processing trauma. I am well-versed in Somatic Experiencing, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing and Internal Family Systems.  These methods all include a modern understanding of how painful events effect the brain and the body, and have a knock-on effect on how we see ourselves, how effective we can be in the world and how we show up in relationships with others.

Healing trauma from this perspective includes working with physical symptoms, complex emotions, and working relationally on issues of trust, attachment and love.  It can be hard but frequently clients report being surprised at the feelings of joy and peace that come with this process.

My fee is 60€ per session and I’m happy to talk or Skype to discuss your needs before booking.

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The purpose of therapy is to set people free. 

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